Experienced, courteous and professional.​​​​​​​
I was interviewed recently by creativepool in the UK, which gives an overview of my career, work and views on the industry, read interview
Senior creative working within the graphic arts, marketing and communications domains.
Born in Wellington, New Zealand – Education, Bachelors in Graphic Design.

Early professional years, co-founder of Bunch of Artist, a group of punk era artists working in London.
Spent 90’s in New York as designer, creative director and freelance artist/illustrator.
2002-2008 returned to New Zealand and maintained international clients, most prominant project was the 
Dewar’s Academy of Whisky, a traveling branded pop-up environment for Bacardi Global Brands, deployed continuously throughout Asia and in some established European markets over a production period of 3 years. I was commissioned to design, manage and deploy the traveling branding environment. A major project that dramatically pushed my skill set into the unknown. It was an amazing experience, from branding to shipping, interior design to project management and more.
2009 to present, living in Paris, working as independent senior creative.
French fluency, intermediate level.

Areas of expertise:- Graphic design including signage for Aèroport de Paris, art direction, branding, packaging and illustrating for companies- books, posters, interiors and fabrics, here in Europe and beyond. 

Expert in Adobe suite including After Effects.


'Dear Mark, It has been very special to work with Dewar's and more so the talented people I have had the opportunity to meet around the world. I will surely miss your creativeness and working with you. If you ever decide to move continents, you have an open door with us in the Caribbean, just say when.'

Joaquin Bacardi, III. President and CEO, Bacardi Corporation.
L’appreciation ci-dessous porte principalement sur la prestation de Mark Harfield, qui a été en temps le plus present. Les missions ont été realises avec sérieux, rigueur et réactivité. Les diagnostics effectués étaient exhaustifs et pertinents. La prestation de Mark a contribué à ouvrir les nouvelles infrastructures dans les délais.
The appreciation below focuses on the performance of Mark Harfield, who was in the most present. The missions were carried out with seriousness, rigor and reactivity. Diagnoses were exhaustive and relevant. Mark's service has helped open up the new infrastructure on time.

Pauline Givernaud, Aéroport de Paris, Roissy, Charles de Gaulle, France.

'Mark Harfield must have 48 hours in a day. He's been posting a drawing a day for over 12 months now. And they're all good.'

Erik Spiekermann (type guru).
'WOW, major!! Great!! love yer illustrations'

David Carson, Legendary Graphic Designer.
'Mark, they look beautiful, we are just so impressed with your speed and the quality of designs! You’re our favorite designer!'
'We are well aware of your reputation, and the only way that we’ve been able to get things done so quickly was because of your extensive experience.'
'We received the order on the bean labels. They came out absolutely fantastic. The owners want to present these labels for the national sales meeting in a couple of weeks.'
'The boxes look great - I will submit these to Marvel Comics for review and keep you posted.'
Donna Jin, White Coffee Company, Long Island City, New York, USA.
'Loving it. Having you on the team is just like printing money!'

Iain Murray, CTO RISI.
'Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just perfect! Thank you ever so much! You are an angel!!!!'

Ina Birgithe, Creative Director, KK Magazine, Aller Media, Norway.
'it's so easy to work with you!! we love'.

Luisa Bezzi, Founder and Creative Director, Sans Tabu.
'We have discussed your style, and our feed back to you is that it is just too perfect!'

Kristine Gronhaug, Det Gode Liv, Norway.
'Mark Harfield a travaillé pour notre société en tant que “designer – illustrateur” à plusieurs reprises. A travers notre collaboration, nous avons pu mesurer son expertise en matière de conceptualisation, qualité des “livrables” et la créativité de sa production graphique, à la main ou en numérique. Tous ses talents peuvent être utilises de manière très utile dans les domains du marketing, de la promotion de marques, de la signalétique et de l’illustration. En ce qui nous concerne, nous pouvons confirmer que son travail a joué un role très important dans notre succès.'

Thierry Bisseliches, Dirigeant et fondateur, My Pop Up Store, Paris.
'Mark's design is so great that we would like to launch the whole bean as well.'
Wise Wife Coffee, St Hollis, New York, USA.
This looks great!

James Thompson, Marvel Entertainment, LLC, USA.
'Hi Mark, Great work.'
Kimberly Yu | Senior Manager
National Geographic Brand Licensing
'Hi Mark, You apply direction really well, thanks for such fast and attentive turnaround, really happy with the results.'
'I asked Jon White if ok if we could hire you directly for design on additional products. He said no worries.'
Andy Arons, Owner, Gourmet Garage, NYC
Hi Mark, Looking great!  The brand team very happy with the layout.'
Jeff Christensen, President, THR3E Licensing,  Jim Beam, USA
'I'll leave that to Mark's design genius!'
Monique Eggleston, National Retail Project Manager, White Coffee Corporation, NY, USA

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