Bacardi Global Brands own the premium Scottish Whisky brand, Dewar's. Elaborating on an idea from NYC entrepreneur Robert Flam, under the leadership of Joaquin Bacardi, I was tasked with the design, production and management of a Pop-up, traveling marketing extravaganza; deployed, packed up and moved around cities in China, Malaysia and Europe. 

270˚’virtual room’ theatre. Floor to ceiling movies transform the theatre, sweeping the audience from the highlands of Scotland into the distillery of Aberfeldy, from the days of John Dewar senior, to global marketing mix of today. Virtual on screen presenters interact with real life presenters. Traditional story telling in a high tech theatre. 

Following the incredible experience of working with this great team on this great project I started working on ideas for a traveling brand show part 2. Below are some models which were unsuccessfully pitched to my client.

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