I have recently had some amazing opportunities to work with incredible people on fascinating and important projects, from assisting teams at airports working on passenger flow efficiency, being part of teams that are responsible for Pop-up Retail environments which to me is one of the most creative and innovative forms of the present retail experience, these projects have required me to invent flexible and mobile retail concepts that unpack into a pre-existing space for the short duration of the brand, product or service provider's promotion and then dismantled with a minimum of fuss and expenditure and moved onto the next location, from which the entire experience is repeated. All the while offering a novel and fun customer experience, promoting the various brands
and creating exciting user experiences. Since my arrival in Paris, France I have been asked to collaborate with teams developing new approaches to International Metro station environments, some visuals from these projects are illustrated below. 
These projects push my comfort zone to exceptional degrees, part architect, part industrial design, part interior design, furniture design, branding, graphics and visualisation. Team work being the key and often overseeing teams
of creatives, often joining meetings to brainstorm and visualise ideas on the fly. Pencil and paper, in the right hands, can be efficient, fast and flexible. 
Worth remembering in a world where one adobe rendering can seem all too similar to another...

Need a sketch in a hurry? I'm your man...

French company My Pop-up Store asked me to come up with ideas and visualise these ideas and concepts as part of their own client presentations and pitches. In the project above, they were working with French Cinemas on the in-cinema merchandising concession environments for the latest Superman Cinema release.
Aims were to create a pop-up space which could be deployed in the cinema foyer, promoting, displaying and selling Superman mechandise. Constraints were that the space must be secure outside the viewing times, and totally locked up at night.
No two cinemas had the same aspects, therefore each idea had to be flexible and transportable, easily assembled
and packed up, locked up and moved around the space or between different cinemas.
Also for My Pop-up Store, Paris. I was asked to sketch some ideas for their client presentation to Ferrero Rocher, 
for a shopping mall concourse pop-up retail promotion for Kinder Surprise. Again it was necessary to visualise portable and scalable ideas, which once approved and realised, would be deployed in various locations throughtout France. I came up with the ideas to mimic the Kinder Surprise Capsules, creating retail concessions that could be opened up for the commerce during the day and again securely locked up at night. 
SFR, phone carrier mobile pop-up promo. Three wheeler trucks 'tricked out' to serve as walk-in promo environments.  
Visuals showing new intended retail space at La Defense in Paris for Hema, the dutch retailer.
Nutella shopping mall retail pop-up promotional cafe and retail store.
Metrolab, a research incubator, part of RATP and Alstom, the enterprise responsible for the Paris metro and many international equivalents, utilised my imagination and conceptual abilities, as part of a team developing automatic metro systems of the future.
I produce ideas, theories and extensive documentation to support concepts of future urban metro environments, which have been circulated throughout their international network of departments responsible the future of our urban metro transport.
I worked with private and public enterprises including Swiss university research departments in creating new concepts to bridge the present divisions between enviromental spaces outside and within urban transport systems. 

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