Sans Tabu, a new and exciting fashion and homeware brand from Milan, Italy are about celebrating sensuality, joyful physical connection. When we first met, I showed ST some images I had produced, free of the constraints of commerce. That is, images I had created for myself. They loved them, then proceeded to show me the beautiful sans tabu range of clothing and accessories showing at Paris fashion week last summer/fall and asked if I would be interested in producing images for sans tabu’s next collection.

Creating images, under the creative direction of Luisa Bezzi, printed in beautiful high quality on the finest silk and cashmere, worn, wrapped around parts of the body, and formated onto various homeware. From kimonos to wall paper, my artwork had to work as a detail and as a complete piece. Colour, texture and line bringing together a shared vision.

As to the subject matter itself, I cannot give such a clear reasoning to it. I lay my pencil on the blank sheet of paper and often I am as surprised as anyone at what appears. The word that kept me on course was Ludic, which is from the french word Ludique, meaning ‘showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness’.

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